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A dream that has become a reality, thanks to PX

My name is Bryan Neal Jr, and I have a son, who is a rising senior in high school. He played CB/WR during his freshman year of high school at a private school. Football was just something for him to do to stay in shape for baseball season. During his freshman year things started to change about half way during the season, he actually started to become a pretty decent football player. He ended up as a rotation player on junior varsity and spargainly playing in varsity blow out games. After the school year we moved into a different school district and he attending a different school. After having somewhat of a successful season he was excited to play football for his new team.


When workouts started they had him playing a little of everywhere from defensive of end to strong safety, you name it he played it. At 5’10 180 pounds we both felt that his true position was Cornerback but as a sophomore just to get on the field was a blessing. After his sophomore year we met with the coaches and they had decided for his junior year that they wanted to make him an outside linebacker. This made my son and I both really frustrated. I have been following recruiting for a couple of years and there is no were on a descent college football team for a 5’11 180 outside linebacker. So after a day or two Tre sent the head Football Coach a text message saying can you give me a shot to show you I can play CB, if you do not like it I will give you everything I have at OLB. The coach agreed.

The following week I was giving a number to call by a Defensive of Back Guru named Roman Morris. Roman explained to me about him and his program named PX. I was kind of hesitant at first because it was two hours away from our home and required driving to Maryland every Saturday Morning from November till July. The excitement in my son’s eyes when he found out he had the opportunity to attend PX made me have to give it a shot. Tre never asks for much and him being a 3.9 GPA student in honors and AP classes it wasn’t a question.

We attended our first PX practice in November of 2015 it was brutal the kids were so much faster and smoother than Tre I was like Lord please help my son. By the fifth or six practices I started noticing improvement. I was amazed; he had gotten so much better so quicker, I couldn’t have been more proud. He started getting so much better he was moving up to the next group. The improvement continued and he was invited to attend the annual college tour which was one of his goals.

The next season his junior year the coaches were amazed at his footwork and ability to just shut down wide receivers, they made him the number one corner on the team. So let’s rewind he went from projected olb to number one corner after one year of PX. Now that year two has started he has received multiple offers to attend college on a full ride athletic scholarship. which is truly amazing. He is now in the top group at the PX training facility and is continuing to grow every week.

PX has done amazing things for my family and I swear by them and the work that they do. It takes a commitment, trust me nothing comes easy. It’s all about what you put into it. My sons story is not complete its still a work in progress. Thank You coach Rome and all the other coaches at PX you have truly changed my sons life and our family as a whole.

Bryan Neal Jr

Diamond in the rough

Big Ups

“Coaches Roman Morris and Troy Vincent, Sr polished a diamond in the rough. Omar Truitt had no firm offers before committing himself and attending each session for six months. Through PX’s fundamental fast twitch teaching methods, Omar has gained both confidence and the requisite skill set to garner offers from ACC B10 & SEC schools- this would not be the case without PX.”  –


Olanda Truitt

NFL 6 years

University of Pittsburgh 1989-91

Mississippi St University 1991-92

It’s with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I give “Big Ups” and thanks to Coach Roman Morris, Coach Troy Vincent, and the entire PrimeXample family for all that they have done for my son, Jordan Smith (Freshman DB – Penn State University) and the Smith family. There’s an old African proverb which says that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, through my belief and faith, these words would define this story.

Approximately four years ago and after undergoing some high school recruiting concerns for my son, I reached out to a mutual friend who referred me to Coach Rome.

Just after my initial conversation with Coach Rome, I knew from the passion exhibited in his voice and the philosophy he articulated on making young men better student-athletes and overall citizens in society, that an allegiance would soon be formed. See, this just wasn’t about becoming a better football player, more specifically a DB, this was about knowledge and skill building thus enhancing my son’s mental and physical maturation. We all know this as “Life”.

Upon my commitment to have my son train with PrimeXample, I didn’t realize that the other member of this dynamic tandem would be NFL Hall of Famer Troy Vincent (current Senior Vice President, NFL Player Engagement Organization). What a blessing this was, and in fact, still is to have my son trained, developed, and always encouraged by Coach Troy and Coach Rome. To receive the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of an NFL veteran of 15 seasons is priceless. Coach Troy and Coach Rome take great pride in the young men they are developing and training, and this was personally felt with how they treated my son as if he was their own. You see, although this development and training was geared primarily for my son, I too as a parent have also benefited and grown from these rich friendships.


Coach Troy has a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility through his inspirational and insightful lens and for that I see myself as a better man.

To this day, my son continues to grow from the teachings, training and skill development opportunities received by Coach Rome and Coach Troy. So, for all those parents who are looking to impart wisdom, discipline, work ethics, humility, football DB training and skill development, look no further and become a “PrimeXample”.

Much love for sharing your gifts,

Steve Smith

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