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I Could Write for Days, Thanks PX

I couldn’t find anywhere on the site to leave this. I could write for days but this sums up how we feel about you, Beng and the PXATL family.

My name is Sean Gibson and I have son (Chase) who is a Freshman in high school.  My son is a raw talent that started playing tackle football in the 6th grade. He had minimal game experience outside of special teams during middle school football.

Big Ups

It’s with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I give “Big Ups” and thanks to Coach Roman Morris, Coach Troy Vincent, and the entire PrimeXample family for all that they have done for my son, Jordan Smith (Freshman DB – Penn State University) and the Smith family. There’s an old African proverb which says that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, through my belief and faith, these words would define this story..

A Dream that has become a reality,  Thanks to PX

My name is Bryan Neal Jr, and I have a son, who is a rising senior in high school. He played CB/WR during his freshman year of high school at a private school. Football was just something for him to do to stay in shape for baseball season. During his freshman year things started to change about half way during the season, he actually started to become a pretty decent football player.

Father of Two Boys

I am the father of two boys (Andrew and Patrick) who attend Georgetown Prep in Rockville, Maryland. We were referred to Prime Xample by Prep Coach Keith Willis, who coaches and trains both Andrew and Patrick. Keith, who has played a very significant and positive role in the boys’ development on and off the field, told me about PrimeXample. He said the workouts were held on Sunday afternoons in Greenbelt, and that they were run by two amazing coaches/teachers – Roman Morris and Troy Vincent.

Diamond in the rough

“Coaches Roman Morris and Troy Vincent, Sr polished a diamond in the rough. Omar Truitt had no firm offers before committing himself and attending each session for six months. Through PX’s fundamental fast twitch teaching methods, Omar has gained both confidence and the requisite skill set to garner offers from ACC B10 & SEC schools- this would not be the case without PX.”  – Olanda Truitt

You Are Family

I can remember the first a couple of sessions of Primexample at Woodrow Wilson High School, where I got to watch my son, Alameen, at work. Though Alameen had received introductory/basic training in DB training from his high school coach, it was in those early sessions with Primexample that I could see Alameen’s thirst to learn more to perfect his game as a defensive back/cornerback.

Extraordinary  Team of People

As this football season begins we can’t help but extend our deepest appreciation and love for Coach Roman Morris and Coach Troy Vincent for the life and talent building things they have done for our son Tyler Green.

Tyler has been in the PrimeXample family for over a year now and by the level of growth we have seen in his football skills it seems like he has been there since the day we put a football in his hand. .

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