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Father of two boys

I am the father of two boys (Andrew and Patrick) who attend Georgetown Prep in Rockville, Maryland. We were referred to Prime Xample by Prep Coach Keith Willis, who coaches and trains both Andrew and Patrick. Keith, who has played a very significant and positive role in the boys’ development on and off the field, told me about PrimeXample. He said the workouts were held on Sunday afternoons in Greenbelt, and that they were run by two amazing coaches/teachers – Roman Morris and Troy Vincent.

Keith told us that the intense sessions would focus on speed, agility and technique, and that they were designed for defensive backs. I asked him if the sessions were appropriate for Andrew, a linebacker/tight end who is 6’4 and 220 pounds. Keith assured me that he would get a lot of it, and that the drills would help him with his speed, footwork and technique.

After nearly three months of training with PrimeXample, I am very glad that I listened to Keith. Competing and working with some very talented kids, both boys have improved in so many ways. Coach Morris and Coach Vincent have taken time to provide individual attention to Andrew and Patrick. This has helped immeasurably as both boys have improved their speed, skill set, technique and quickness. But most of all, they have gained the confidence that they can compete with the best.

Coach Morris and Coach Vincent push them hard so that they can reach their full potential. Though the sessions are demanding, my boys always look forward to them. That’s because they know that working with Coach Morris and Coach Vincent is going to make them better.

One of the many things that I like about PrimeXample is that there are no favorites. Even the players with multiple D-1A scholarship offers will hear it from Coach Morris and Coach Vincent if they aren’t giving maximum effort.

The discipline instilled in the players is impressive. I don’t hear any talking back or see any young men who aren’t completely engaged. Coach Morris and Coach Vincent emphasize mental toughness and focus. They also constantly encourage the kids and provide positive feedback. If you do things the right way, you are going to be recognized and applauded at PrimeXample.

Most importantly, Coach Morris and Coach Vincent teach the kids to be good people. They emphasize the importance of doing well in school. They emphasize the importance of family. They emphasize the importance of doing the right thing in whatever you are doing. And they emphasize the importance of always being respectful of others. They aren’t just coaching these kids to be exceptional college football players, they are providing life lessons that the boys can use forever.

I am thankful that both my boys have become part of the PrimeXample family. Coach Morris and Coach Vincent are always going out of their way to make Andrew and Patrick feel welcome. My kids have built relationships with the other players that I hope will last for a long time.

I am grateful that Andrew and Patrick have had the good fortune of being exposed to two exceptional men – Roman Morris and Troy Vincent.

They are TRUE role models! If you have a son who has big dreams, send them to PrimeXample. There is no better place to help them reach for the stars!

Mr. Frank Caskins

You are Family

I can remember the first a couple of sessions of Primexample at Woodrow Wilson High School, where I got to watch my son, Alameen, at work.


Though Alameen had received introductory/basic training in DB training from his high school coach, it was in those early sessions with Primexample that I could see Alameen’s thirst to learn more to perfect his game as a defensive back/cornerback. I watched him as he started to learn how to handle and to work his feet in sync with his body. It was the most awkward thing I had ever seen. He was horrible.


I can still hear Coach Rome yelling out, “THOSE FEET, THOSE FEET…we have to do something with those feet!” I felt so bad for Alameen, that I asked him if he wanted to return to the follow-on sessions. I could see the frustration on his face. He just couldn’t get it right. After each session, he would just get in the car, silently. But, he responded, “Yes, I want to come back.” So, we did.

Now, Alameen was just another kid out there, not showing anything impressive (at least that is what he thought). That became his driver because he was determined to get it. Within weeks of doing the same drills each week, Coach Rome transformed this clumsy looking kid. I was amazed. His other driver for Alameen was to work out with Coach Troy’s group of more experienced DBs. I said all that to just to say that Coach Rome and Coach Troy are miraculous in what they did with Alameen, and with so many other kids who came out each week. They not only gave the foundational techniques for being a good DB, they also tapped into their minds.


They showed a really true passion for what Primexample was and how it would be represented. They stressed the need for excelling in the classroom, for putting in the work and effort on the field, and how the results would show itself if they would just do it. They have been a blessing to Alameen for more than what was on the field. They have taught and shown Alameen how to present himself wherever he goes, how to speak intelligently when he had interviews, how to transition from a boy to a young man who has goals, and he is working to achieve those goals. I believe the “Primexample” for Alameen is none other than………….Coach Rome’s son, Stephon. Yes, Stephon is a good role model and someone Alameen has come to admire.

Thank you PRIMEXAMPLE for all for being more than trainers to Alameen. You are family, and we KNOW you have Alameen’s best interest at hand.

Princess Martin

Extraordinary Team of People

As this football season begins we can’t help but extend our deepest appreciation and love for Coach Roman Morris and Coach Troy Vincent for the life and talent building things they have done for our son Tyler Green.

Tyler has been in the PrimeXample family for over a year now and by the level of growth we have seen in his football skills it seems like he has been there since the day we put a football in his hand. Not only has he increased in skill level over the past year by leaps and bounds he has also developed a confidence in his natural talents and abilities.

By training with this extraordinary team of people he has learn that football is just a tool of life and that it doesn’t have to be his only dream or goal but one he can use to achieve additional success, and impact the community around him.

We now see the PrimeXample program as an extended family. This family cultivates the type of communication and correction that seeks to change bad habits and build maturity and self-confidence, while also instilling teamwork amongst the young men being trained and the parent community that supports these young men.

We could say a lot about Coach Roman Morris and Coach Troy Vincent’s history in football but what you may not read in a lot of websites with information on them is the high character these men have and display to the young men they have been given stewardship over. We are so glad that we made the choice to have this program feed into Tyler.


We believe that what Tyler chooses to do to feed back into his community as he grows will be in direct proportion to the training and character examples he has had the blessing to witness.

The manifestation of the investment in our son from a football prospective is receiving D1 offers with less than a year in the PX family, being recently ranked 12th in the state of Maryland for the class of 2015, and a huge focus on him going into his 2013-14 Varsity football season from media and football recruiters.

We are truly pleased at what we have experienced from a training perspective but what we appreciate most is the family experience that is foster and the way that this program teaches the young men that even though they may compete on the field it doesn’t keep them from encouraging each other and helping each member of the PX family to achieve and reach for better.

You have fed and continue to feed into that which means the most to us so even these words don’t even touch on what that truly means. You are blessed to be a blessing and you wear it oh so well.

With sincerest gratitude,

Vanetta Crawford

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