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I Could Write for Days, Thanks PX

I couldn’t find anywhere on the site to leave this. I could write for days but this sums up how we feel about you, Beng and the PXATL family.

My name is Sean Gibson and I have son (Chase) who is a Freshman in high school.   My son is a raw talent that started playing tackle football in the 6th grade. He had minimal game experience outside of special teams during middle school football.

I was introduced to Stephon Morris and the PXATL family almost one year ago to help develop his skills as an athlete and a well-rounded young man. I have seen immense growth in my son’s skillset, football IQ and confidence since beginning training with PXATL and we haven’t scratched the surface. Chase went from barely playing in middle school to starting at CB on his Freshman team.

I attribute his growth and development to PXATL.  Primexample is more than a football skills academy, it’s a family which provides tough love, mentorship and the push to drive for excellence.

Anyone can buy some cones, ladders and footballs and have your son running through drills. Primexample takes a vested interest in each kid and develops them to their maximum potential by developing footwork, football IQ, and techniques for success on the football field. Also, there is nothing like coaches that can not only teach the drills but perform the drills as well. I never miss a training session, and I’m gonna leave you with a few quotes I’ve  overheard from the PXATL coaches when training Defensive Backs.

  1. “If you watch the QB throw the ball, you will watch the WR catch the ball”

  2. “Play the technique, not the drill”

  3. “ I’ll take 4.5 40 guy with technique over a 4.3 40 guy with no technique”

  4. “Always finish the drill”


Sean Gibson

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